I am delighted to introduce myself to you as Majed Chowdhury. I have worked with the biggest companies and agencies in the country and also internationally for a long time as a photographer and creative consultant. Photography has been my passion and profession for the last 32 years now. Being able to acquire the talent of seeing the world through my camera lenses in the most beautiful angles and viewpoints really moves me. Photography does not just mean still pictures to me; it is what I connect and communicate through. Photography is a form of universal language and that really fascinates me. Being able to show the people around me how beautiful this world in my viewpoint is, is my goal and everyday I am moving an inch closer to what I want.


Always Searching For The Perfect Shot & Perfect Design

Besides capturing beautiful moments through my lenses, I also specialize in Graphics designing and image post-processing. My experience in these areas equal to my years in photography. In the past, I have both sold photos and designed the layouts alike of various calendars for various companies.

Landscapes 88
Wildlife 93
Business 98
Lifestyle 84

My Working Procedure

& Plans

I am hoping to work as efficiently as possible and deliver within your convenient time. Since proper creative work cannot be rushed, we will agree on a comfortable time frame that will be both relaxed and worth the time. But for setting that, we must hold a brief meeting for a better understanding of your requirements.

We will decide on what to do in order based on your priorities. For both cases, indoor and outdoor, I will be managing the equipment myself. Where makeup artists are required, we will have a hired makeup artist of our own. We plan on getting a message through the pictures by intelligent composition and a minimalist and cost-effective approach.

Our aim is to shoot appropriate pictures that are good enough to reduce manipulation effort because we believe in better quality firsthand rather than only depending on editing. But of course, there are cases where manipulation is vital for inducing a bit more cost-effectiveness and realism in the project and so we will definitely provide high-quality post-processing and photo manipulation services as per requirements. We already have a lot of photos in our huge archive that might match some of your topics so we will be able to provide you them which will save a lot of time and effort.

I want to combine my skills in photography, post-processing, and creativity to set challenging standards in the market while trying my best to deliver more than what the organization requires to prove myself worthy as to why clients should choose to work with me. I want my work to portray the organization as something different and out of the ordinary.