Some of My Promotional Materials

“Published a Photo Documentation, named ’10th Flying Eye Hospital Program’ from Orbis Bangladesh in April 2018.”

10th Flying Eye Hospital Program

“Published a monthly Advertising Newspaper From Japan under Mother House in 2008 covering all selected photos taken by me.”

Monthly Advertising Newspaper From Japan

“Contributed to publishing a Magazine for British Airways through photography & Designing.”

Magazine for British Airways

“Sold Photographs for international Calendars, Posters & Cover Designs.”

International Calendars, Posters & Cover Designs

“Received Mancha Award 2000 for Best Photographer in 2000.”

Mancha Best Photographer Award 2000

“My photos being selected by National & International Companies for Billboards, Brochures, Company Portfolios & other Publications all over the World.”

National & International Companies

“Successfully completed assignments for more than 150 government and private companies.”

150+ Assignments for Bangladesh Government & Private Companies

“Published a report Photo Album, named ‘Livelihoods & Local Government of Bangladesh’ from ActionAid Bangladesh in December 2008.”

Livelihoods & Local Government of Bangladesh

“Published a Pictorial Album, named “The Journey of Happy Home” from Assistance for Slum Dwellers (ASD) Bangladesh in December 2012.”

The Journey of Happy Home

“Published a report Photo Album, named ‘Adaptation to Drought for Lives and Livelihoods’ from CARITAS Bangladesh in December 2012.”

Adaptation to Drought for Lives and Livelihoods

“Working With Caritas Bangladesh, Caritas Australia, Caritas Uk.,  Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, ActionAid and Save the Children for their posters, leaflets & other promotional.”

My Worldwide Working Experience

“CAFOD UK. for Climate Change. Published a cover story Photograph in world-famous Daily The Observer UK & The Guardian.”

Worked with the World-famous Dailies

“Designed World Sight Day Poster earlier for consecutive 6/7 years.”

World Sight Day Poster